November 8, 2011

15 Years Later

Just when you thought the Transworld video was on its last legs, they break format and rehash (in what I think is going to be a really good way) the concept of their fourth video, Cinematographer. The line-up looks interesting with some new names and old, though I'm slightly disappointed there's no name redacted in the mix, strictly because SD is so relevant again.

I'm of the opinion that The Lair should be putting out weekly edits like this, with or without featuring their new kids on the block. Film dudes doing skateboarding and post it; content is king after all. Henkler isn't updating this site, so, he can make videos that end up as content on here. I'd count that as contributing. Another suggestion, if not just for fun: Dudes, you've gotta fire the seventh grade girl that is your social media intern.

Digging this Steve Brandi vid and I want to play tennis before it snows. On a similar good pushing note, Joey Pepper is a national treasure. Someone go to Urban Dictionary and put a photo of Pepper under the entry for underrated. That word gets bandied about quite a bit, but for that dude, it's way too apropos.


GG said...

Still can't believe this back tail was possible.

Anonymous said...

this doesn't get me hyped to skate, unless thats what you're going for here