October 4, 2011

"When a Big Dude Jumps Into It."

McGuire with a write up and photos on an etnies tour to Australia he was on early in the year. Seriously, I think I've heard that story in the intro about ten times or more, and it pays out every damn time:

They were all laughing, at me. I sprinted out the door as a car was driving forward to park. It was trying to hit me, I knew it. I knew they knew that I knew they knew I knew it.

I jumped out of the way and into a window. Luckily, it was a thick window and just made a big slam and the wahwahwah noise glass makes when a big dude jumps into it, stoned. If they didn’t know, they knew.


Jackal with a Plymouth Plaza update: "I am making one last desperate bid to fix grave errors that look to already be in place. If it ends up how it’s looking, I completely wash my hands of any involvement. I already see hips way too steep & ledges that are a crappy width on top (ie: not wide enough to lipslide with wheels sliding on top; too wide to lipslide only on deck—which also makes for unnecessarily scary 50-50s and furthermore eliminates manual options)."

Preemptive hand washing is never a good thing. Here're some flicks he shot of the construction:


Anonymous said...

Pfff, whatever, it's a skate plaza, it's gonna be the the fucking tits as long as it has some smooth ground.

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