September 22, 2011


-Familia has booked Scott Seekins years after doing that classic and unauthorized t-shirt. Should be a good one and a weird one; there might be more for that weekend too.

-I'm all for small victories, etc., but if Leibman is going to call me out by name in a post title, I'd better get served. Shakey iPhone video is not a serving.

-A Plymouth Plaza update from Dan Jackson: "I have not seen the final layout yet, but looked at what the plans the construction crew had which were kind of hard to decipher, but I really fear the park is going to be too one-dimensional (possible ledge overkill)." There you go.

-I may or may not have gotten a LinkedIn request from Shane O'Neill.

-At a shop signing in Helsinki, Finland, a random kid came up to McGuire and said, "Hey Sam, where's your eyebrow ring?" He was prompted by no one.

-In case you saw this, it was not I who botched Ricky Nunn's name. The record is set straight. (Yes, the Shaggy Defense).

-I was really hoping this bit of writing by a dude of the same name could help explain the Ihaven'tskatedinagesliness of this. Oh well.

-I was just talking to my intern, who hasn't updated in 19 days, but found time today to sit at the shop for three hours. Hmmmm...

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