September 1, 2011

Dirty Thursday

Transworld not blowing it? This being their first installment of "Pro Spotlight Videos" I was surprised it was a dude I actually wanted to watch. Puig rules!
Anyone else think he looks a lot like Sissi?

Beers and brats with Bonger and Joe Hall.


Terry said...

I see it, and he skates like a thin Guy Mariano/Alex Klein far as his style is concerned.

Joshua said...

Transworld trying not to blow it with this one. Been checking out Lucas footy since the early Cliche vids. I cannot get enough of him. Focus your kit!!!!

sprntrl said...

Looks like Mariano meets Tony Buckland

Wylie Tueting said...

In its relative simplicity that part was so refreshing! The tough stuff was cool to though, don't get me wrong.

Cole said...

where was this filmed?