July 13, 2011


Finally, finally I get to bring up the Minnesota state shutdown (and strike it through no less). Not only are stores, bars and restaurants running out of booze because of issues with the shutdown, but now, overshadowing that news, MillerCoors, because of shutdown related licensing issues, will have to stop selling in the state.

What does that mean? Per the article linked to above, skate faves such as Coors Light, Hamm's, Mickey's and OE will no longer be available. Pour one out for your ability to pour one out.

Thankfully, sales of Black Label will not be affected.

As for the event above, Sunday could possibly have heat indexes of 100-115 degrees. Oh my.

Jamiel has some clips in this montage at the Bellvue plaza.

Wiskate's new montage is splendid as usual, and I must say that I re-watched Stemper's 270-alley-oop-kickflipy many times. Shit was fierce!

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