June 6, 2011

"Brush Yo Teeth"

I finally got this on the interwebs. Thanks to Al for coming through with the DVD. It also coincides nicely with Sam McGuire's birthday. Featured above you can see Sam skating at a time when he regularly owned a skateboard. That switch ollie body varial to frontboard (the Lotti) is still HOT FIRE! to this day. Happy birthday man.

Speaking of hot fire, scorchin' ass days such as these remind me of the summer of 2001 when dudes were shooting the Transworld Minneapolis article that appeared later on, like spring 2002. It was this hot for a week. The mag had Bastien on the cover doing a kickflip backtail at Hollywood High. If anyone has a hard copy of that mag (I lost mine to basement flooding some years ago), or better yet, scans, use your ingenuity to get a hold of me. Any help is much appreciated.

This is pretty amazing. And yes, that previous link is real.


Ranger Danger said...

i miss the old 3rd lair layouts

Anonymous said...

Some seriously talented doods a decade ago!

bmeyer said...

so many awesome comments to be made from this video...
-old reeves lake st 3rd clip?
-fake names
-munz slo-mo section
-mcguire sponsored years footage
-benson white DC footage
-benson middle finger ender!

Andrew Leibman said...

heelflip backlip killer

ANALboi said...

*bastien kfbsts beverly hills 90210

Wylie Tueting said...

Three Thoughts:
~Elijah's regular heelflip backlip -- so refreshing. There ought to be more of those. Everyone has seen the switch version.
~Neal's switch bs noseblunt -- quite surprising. Who knew? I sure didn't. Should've, I suppose.
~Lastly, the one clip from the old Third Lair just tossed in there? What's that doing there?! It is like a non sequitur: it doesn't totally follow. Must've just snuck in, like mice.