March 31, 2011

Undifferentiated Autonomatrons

Evan Smith is seen here doing pretty much everything the right way. Hopefully he doesn't get lost forever in the Element black hole ala Jake Rupp. Frontside flip stalefish!

This Luan Oliviera character may be someone to watch out for in the future. I have to swallow some pride having said that, having written off all the Flip ams as undifferentiated autonomatrons. That opening switch frontside flip had me saying out loud, "Holy shit, that was good," and I was sitting alone in my kitchen.

That's all I can find on the internet to talk about today.


Anonymous said...

What the hell do you mean when you say autonomatrons... Are you spelling that right? And what is the use of using such a large word. Your target audience are a bunch of skateboarders... Half of them barely have a high-school education.

Anonymous said...

Evan Smith is so fuckin sick. HOT DAMN

platinumseagulls said...

We're talking about word choice?

Namdev said...

So stoked on a new Evan Smith part. At first I thought it was a concept video: all lines at night. Rad either way.
I do worry about the Element thing. I don't understand how being on Element makes you immune to getting coverage but it clearly happens.

Unknown said...

Evan Smith, definitely rad. Good trick selection and smooth style.


"Extremely" talented?

Boring regardless of skill level?
Gonna have to say so.