March 10, 2011

RE: Why We're Different

Following up on Rudy's explanation of why skateboarders are different than everyone else, there's this photo of a guy catching a bat at spring training. Yeah, he didn't even spill his beer. Not bad. The whole story is explained here. How many times though, have you been skating a ramp, bowl or whatever that has a high shooting board factor, and nonchalantly picked a high velocity board out of the air with nary a flinch. Yup, thought so. Probably didn't spill your beer either.

While the loss of The Fed is debated and discussed in a refreshingly respectful and interesting way in the comments on the post below, with uncanny timing, the Kalis at Love Park Epicly Later'd was released today. Has that era in skateboarding become one of the most lionized ever? I'd say so.

Mikey Guy has a part up over at the Familia site.

Head over to The Hesh for the latest version of The Hesh Mixtape.


The Senator said...

Skateboarders are trend setters who do what they do for the love of it.

Danny said...

That black dude must have been a skater when he was in highschool or something.

Just watched Josh's later'd and felt so bad about the present state of skateboarding. Remember when everything was LOVE LOVE LOVE, shirts hats and decks....

Now it's like DC is fabricating spots for "commercials" and stuff. So fucked up.