March 2, 2011

Early Breaking

All my shit talking against The Hesh must abate because they came through hard with the video above. I've even got tricks in there that I don't remember filming, and it's always good to get a dose of Whodi.

Was Theotis' mom at his birthday party with strippers? I won't even ask the question, that's just weird. Awesome skating, and even though I'm cool with whatever party foote is in the clip embedded above, grainy shit of dudes mostly laughing at each other in the linked clip is really boring. They used Ignition (Remix) for the song and that's tight, but I'm claiming 411 Status, and thus that song can be used again.

For those who care, I've once again taken to updating my photo blog The Plat Lite with stuff, so if you're bored or randomly obsessed with me, there's the ticket.

Hardflip has a "hard" date set for it's re-launch. I for one, am eager to see the new incarnation.

Devolve is a new blog by GG and the Fun Boys, that has been enthusiastically updated every day since its inception about a month ago. I told Torp that if they keep up such a level of hype for about a year, that they'll have something going.


Torp said...

WE Got This!

THE HESH said...

Why is Rebel Joe our number 1 fan!?