February 18, 2011

An Ounce of Coke is an Onion

One of those parts that the Snackman missed, in his otherwise impeccable recap of skateboarding's flirtation with Big L. Rob G has been doing it since 411 10 [as a Wheels of Fortune (not on the intertets)], re-upped in 32 as a Rookie, and now he's the soon to be LBC guide to Tucker Gerrick. Go figure.

Yet another loss in the column of hip-hop songs used as instrumentals that should've used the lyrics.

I'm going snowboarding and drinking this weekend. Maybe in that order, maybe not.

Happy weekend.

Update: Peep this interview I did with Eric of the Chrome Ball Incident.

1 comment:

Chips X said...

I was greeted by those huge, billowing white jams at the Climax facility and i've had trouble warming up to Rob G ever since.