January 28, 2011

Courage to Stand, Sit, Etc.

It appears that the intro to Shitheads 2012 was leaked to Tim Pawlenty's camp, who copied it, almost frame for frame, replacing Meyer's monologue with T-Paw's. This will not be tolerated.

NY is on some MN shit as of late.

This actually happened at the Lair today. Bobby Puleo reference explained here. "Spot rape" is an incredibly stupid phrase.

Gonna skate in this tomorrow night. Old dudes unite.

Happy Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Puleo knows what's up--his fav's is a list of all-time greatest skaters: Carroll, Gonz, Henry, Mariano and MIKE YORK!!!!!!! I can only assume a computer glitch is responsible for Dill not being on the list.

--Dan Jackson

COAS said...

Although he may be way too over the top about it. The art and rawness of skating is fading away and dudes like Puleo are holding it down still

jonathan richman said...

I know exactly who you are talking about with the shades, dude is amazing. :-o :'( and puleo comes off as a total bitter wash up. that being said, he is one of my top favorites