December 6, 2010


Sorta loc Dane Vaughn comes through with yet another Mag Minute with MN ties. That frontside heelflip is mean.

In the midst of editing, probable duplicating, etc., the Flow Trash guys have forgotten to pay their domain rent. While I can't really sneer at them too hard, since similar things if not more catastrophic things have happened to this website, it is pretty bad timing. I'm not sure of GoDaddy pricing, but I'm sure we can raise the $15.99 or whatever to get you guys back online in time for the premiere. Just saying.

Juripalooza II was a hit for those not in attendance, and more of Mr. Loginov's photos documenting a good time span of Minneapolis skateboarding and other things can be found at 10 Years With You, once Tumblr is online again, that is. If by chance you read this before seven tonight, say what up to Juri at Familia; it's his last day.

Beyond, who else suffered through the Great Comcast Internet Outage of 0-'10 last night? It was a bummer how much that bugged me even though I needed the internet for absolutely nothing at the time.

I'm a weekend late on this, but Davis had a First Try Friday at the Berrics, that boiled down to a still respectable third try.

Will post more about the Twolves if they keep my optimism up with some of these games this week. We could best the Knicks tonight, and should beat the Pistons on Friday. Wins in the other two games this week are icing on the cake. As for my low amount of coverage, if you haven't found A Wolf Among Wolves yet, get on it; dudes write about basketball way better than I can anyways.

Thanks to Meyer for the previous post, that's some great drunk photoshop.


coler651 said...

Dane! I still remember when you couldn't ollie the Open School set, sick man!

Anonymous said...

That kickflip krooked grind pop over was mean