November 5, 2010

Content Trolling...

As I was able to glean from The Hesh, there's quite the shindig coming up in St. Cloud. Kanten Russell is going to be there! Its kind of shocking to see how on-point his part from The Storm is now. Backsmith backside kickflip? He got it. Solid backside 360 ollies? Yup. Had he bigspin heelflipped some stacks, I'd have sworn that it came out yesterday. Anyhow good looks to everyone that is making that happen. I'm still left scratching my head as to why there's nothing more centrally located in the Twincities metro.

Just gonna link to this new Nick Jensen part, even if its got roughly 20,000 views, and more than likely its old hat. The dude is just way too rad not too, and the sounds and sights of London just might be the perfect accompaniment to what looks like a crispy fall day in the Upper Midwest. Like, right?

I think that's it. Normal bloggings volumes return once school mellows. Happy Weekend.

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