October 22, 2010

Big City Blues

There are two concrete parks opening in the state next month, just in time for layered cold weather skating. Alas, neither is in Minneapolis.

The St. Cloud Skate Plaza, construction pictured above, opens November 13th, and is just about an hours drive away, depending on where you are in the TC. Those brick hips await.

Further north, the Bemidji Skatepark opens November 5th, and yes, Dillon landed that seven foot plus air to flat.

The Bemidji park is due a session and a camping trip next spring (I'm looking at you guys) and the St. Cloud Plaza is easy enough to get to this year. Why are we stuck skating Elliot Park, Front, and Oakdale? News out of Richfield is hopeful, but when will a Minneapolis or St Paul proper, proper skatepark come about?

Completely unrelated, and I'm sure only five people will care, but how can you not like a story whose teaser is "Motiveless Bitchery and Sad Self-Delusions on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"? Thanks Troy Patterson.

If you haven't checked out McGuire's show at Familia, get out there and see it. Its good stuff.

Chromeball lands MC, and in the process scores 50-50 on questions answered. How did he get his board off the roof?

Powerslide in some leaves.

Happy Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Its not really brick its red cement with a stamp brick design tricks ya to believe its bricks

terese said...

when you make it up to Bemidji, camp in my parents backyard! my dad might build a concrete alpine slide through the woods down to the park...