September 8, 2010

Immediate Experience

My immediate reaction to the way Thrasher announced the return of King of the Road was damn, at least they provided some text. But what is the video for? Has The Berrics so emboldened the skateboard world with their video stranglehold on content that now Thrasher is making me a choking victim, forced to watch an ad, just to get to the meat of things? Uh, sort of? My bitching was silenced exactly one nanosecond into the promo, when I remembered just how awesome KOTM is. JR Blastoff naked? Are the kids ok? Whatever.

Will Blastoff be showing off his now ink covered body anytime soon in KOTM? Doubt it. Is one lucky photo making friend of the Plat slated to be on board this year? We hope so. Is it weird that the final graphic on that video looks strikingly similar to the graphic design used in all Comedy Central promo spots? The jury is out.

We are way past the one month vigil for Boil The Ocean. Pilot Light, phone home.

School's back for fall. Doesn't have a ring to it like that one song does.


badger said...

If you watch the quicktime version (button at the top of video) you don't have to sit through that shit.

platinumseagulls said...

Yeah, I saw that in the comments and decided to hell with it, can't embed the quicktime. On that note, do you think that they'll soon have the ads on front of the quicktimes? Oh well.

Anonymous said...

follow the herd and step in the turd