September 14, 2010

Drug Induced Coma

Meyer snuck some more videos onto the Platinum Page which, dare I say, is starting to become respectable, in light of how much content could potentially be on there. The above must be from '05 or so, Stillwater park--how good was Nate's switchflip?

In other news, as figured out in the comments of the previous post, I'm moonlighting as a columnist at the Minnesota Daily. Alas, it only took me until my second column to work the skateboarding angle. I'll have to try harder to come up with ideas in the future. Non-skate column #1 here.

Also, this video is really good:



Anonymous said...

put all the videos that were ever on platinumseagulls on vimeo or something /suggestion box/


Aaron said...

Best Coast kills it!!

john scary said...

Anonymous said...

fuck it, you cant do shit on the east unless you know everyone or have money. ill be back in 2 years