August 25, 2010

Whoville, Same As Ever (Like Always)

Tim, Pete and Phil are going to have to come up with a name for their triumvirate if things keep going the way they seem they could. I should try to get a clip for Flow Trash but, well, I'm afraid of where it'd end up anymore. Credits? That'd be dope.

Jerboi Tucklemenot has some photos from "Ghost Ride" given what appears to be a film treatment.

Killed my hard drive today because of what seemed like trying to stream MPR and look at the internet at the same time. Twas a bummer but, as that universal law goes, now I know the value of seriously backing your shit up. Oh well; gained about 100 gigs in memory and things seem to move faster, but my computer is as dingy as ever.

As mentioned in the previous post, damn, that Etnies video really should have won out (expounding further now that I'm back on the laptop). Even though it makes Meyer and I's idea for a 1992 Shitheads section passe, that shit was really, really on point. Fun to watch, not overdone and not even bordering on pretentious, it kind of covered what everybody is doing skating when there's not a camera around [you know what I mean (and not everyone rips that hard)]. Still, I think Bledsoe and Rojo need to commit to an all Blind jeans and hi-8 part that pulls no stops; I'd download that for three bucks, gladly.

Final note: could the screen grab on the video above be any better? Narloch for daze.

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