August 11, 2010

Sherman Vs. Sunday, Redux

More old content recycled; it was a typical day shredding for pre-ink Sherman and you know that kickflip boardslide was warm-ups-ville. I wish I'd have skated more of those Manchesters. Gonna say it all happened on a Sunday in summer of 2006.

Badger finally got Biebel's World up and running. Let the prank calls begin! Now he can get back to that other website of his.

Rumor has it that The Glue Factory is about to get way more Jah-blessed. Following.

Shouts to mostly Henkler at The Hesh for keeping things interesting as of late. On a related note, I totally know who this chick is, good find Henkzilla.

Oh yeah, since I'm propping up the homie blogs, Wiskate has been spitting hot fire lately!

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