August 5, 2010

Milwaukeecentric But Worldwide

More videos from times since passed. This is the first excursion to The Best Place On Earth, aka Cream City. Skaters include your humble blogger, Luke Hunt, Spencer Pratti, John Rock, Jackal, Nate, Helmet Dudes, and Mike Robke. Heading out there at the end of the month? I hope so.

Jerboi D Bong gets some voice action from Mikey Ass Wednesdaze but doesn't fall for Badger's fuckin' app. I got beta tested on that shit myself.

Here's an idea: a Junior Mint sound board app. You know that would crush the world. Badger, get to work.

Its not that uncommon to be skating downtown at night and see chicks, presumably from the 'burbs, lost over by Government Center, looking for the clubs. I love that shit.

Having spoken of Milwaukee, the dudes there have been having quite the rollercoaster ride involving the rediscovery of The Turf Skatepark. Check the Wiskate link above for info straight from the horse's mouth, and I've been doing my best to chronicle all of it at my TSM blog. At the very least, hit up the Save The Turf Facebook page and "like" that thing; it functions as an online petition. We all know we want a chance to skate that stuff some day.

Happy Weekend.

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