May 14, 2010

The Vanderwall of Nepotism, or Something?

With that last final now out of the way and a beautiful Friday looming, a quick look at the Sam McGuire produced Mikey Taylor Shoe Selling video is what we've got.

-Sam is getting pretty good at making videos and we're excited to see the catalog he laid out. Too bad he's blowing it on "Words With Friends."

-Kinda jealous of Mikey's dogs. Sick combo.

-Did he ever finish that landscaping in his backyard?

-You used Cutty's brother's music? Tight.

That's it. Don't forget the Blueprint Premier on Sunday, which will surely deliver on cool skating, good art direction, and Belle & Sebastien (I'm just hoping on that last part). This already took longer than I wanted.

Happy weekend!

PS: Peace to Mike Brown if he's really fired, let the Lebron James retention/apprehension sweepstakes begin!

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