March 4, 2010

More of the Same

Figured I'd repost jerboi Lil' Phil, lord knows you have to see him every couple of months.

Check out The Kettle Black, a skate blog that says its all about "constructive criticism for skateboarding media." Entertaining stuff thus far, I dig the ain't sayin' nothin' deal and all the apostrophes it entails.

Converse skatepark opening video here, and most of the reason I'm linking to it is because of how embarrassing it is. Clips somewhat organized and cut down? Ok. Random sitar jam that you won't have to edit the clips to? Got it. A bunch of footage of your team riders skating while they'd rather be drinking? Yep. Ok, cool, some kid skated the rail. The rail that there was footage of Pappalardo waxing but not skating. Cool. Does Tom Remillard skate for them? I don't know.

Marquis Daniels coverage at LOA, I have no idea why I didn't link to that chain earlier.

This is ill.


maaku aren said...

And that video is hella grainy.

thekettleblack said...

Merci beaucop mi amigo

Scott said...

When are you getting that staff position at Slate?

James said...

Yes, Tom Grom skates for Cons.