February 2, 2010

We're Talking About Gyroscopes.

As Filler approaches 4000 views, it seems that one of the biggest Oscar snubs will be Todd Brown and his turn as Ian Steig; even a mention in the latest issue of Thrasher would not sway the fickle and aging Academy. Its hard to say how this expose affected the nomination thinking.

Now I undersand why I was run into by a remote controlled car on heelies. We are in a recession.

After years of denial, its in print. You know, sort of.

Apocalypse is on Hardflip.

The film Meyer has been dreading all his life.

Sherman kind of pulls a Berra and talks into the camera.

Rahm Emmanuel, real talker.

There's a Flow Trash website now and they're seriously building some hype with that esoteric-ass first post.

Will Mike and Rick let him live this down?

I'm working on an interview right now and said interviewee is rumored to have made out with a country pop star at one reality skate star's home. I'll let you know.


Scott said...

Rahm rules. That is all.

Anonymous said...

let him live what down? that shit was the shit!

Anonymous said...

Fuck, Todd Brown doesn't even deserve a Razzie. If anything give those 4,000 people that 1/2 hour back that they wasted watching that crap.

sam said...

yes,a god damn half hour of my life? could have been in the sweet spot! like olsen!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those dude rip ballsacs in half!

Caseyyyyyyyy said...

Hansen's part is sick! Great song too...