December 7, 2009

Tap'd Out

Is there any validity to my notion that somehow, some way, Alex Olson is the daggerganger of the wayward Nate Compher? Could it be the other way around?; it is well known that Nate did have a preponderance for pivot grinds to fakie and early grab FSAs as recently as 2008. This all somehow came to be while watching Olson in Venice and Compher in All In.

Even more pressing is the rumor that Jr. Mint has decided to train in Mixed Martial Arts, a fact that I swear I'd heard before and already reported upon, though at this point, I'm really not sure if I heard it from an actual human, had a bizarrely realistic dream about it and thus thought it was reality, or if I unconsciously (but while fully conscious) made the whole thing up. Answers anyone?

There's a new Wiskate video out there, and, just as a suggestion, since it would rule, could we get a Pizzy 2009 Retrospective Video going? It could double as his sponsor-me tape; I hear Bovee has some openings. And then, just to toss it out there and see if it sticks...Shitheads Vol. Mid-30's: Dan Jackson Vs. Pat Forster. Talk to me!

Let's try hard at updating this week. As a note to commenters, the spammers found us, so now you have to log in one way or another to post a comment.


Tolson said...

Pizzy 4 president!

Anonymous said...

Is it really kosher to slightly speed up all your footage?? As opposed to say, Nate Compher, who looks like he actually skates fast?

Halfpipe of Odin said...

To Eric:
-No. Its not O.k.
From Joe.
Fuck it, Do it live! Fuckin DO IT LIVE!
Let it go let it flow!

HK Forever said...

I'm so into the Pizzy retrospective. Best idea of '09.