August 26, 2009


The Sam McGuire Pro Sock Pretty much awesome, and very life-like. You can even wear it to the club that night, and then when you take the sock off if you're lucky a little bit of it will have bled through and a little piece of Sam will be with you until you shower!

TALK BOY X I-POD The perfect accessory for a night on the town; bikes, parking garages and beers beware! Especially amazing for bombing parking garages while listening to Sabbath; watch for the poles on the exit. Git some.


Cody Girl said...

Keep up the great inventions buddy!
Nicely done

typoscura said...

god damn i wish i was there for that

cutty? where'd you go homie?

louisa marion photography said...

oh my god. i want the sam sock.

DOM said...

I made mine too thick!