August 17, 2009


Hey all! Full disclosure, I did not go to NYC for the weekend (or even the day for that matter), in fact, I spent most of the weekend on Solsbury Hill with Mr. Sam McGuire and some other select individuals, mostly playing "Would you rather?" and drinking Black Labels and definitely NOT rolling down the hill and losing i-phones. Hopefully that clears it all up, it was an unintentional hoax.

Speaking of Sam, he was just in the STL chilling with Nelly and jerboi Randall getting hella froggy. Along the way he almost died via Manderson and an unopened beer. Froggy indeed.

Can't keep The Viking down; Neal may have the full time live in going on, but he still gets gully while drinking wine and assembling IKEA.

I still haven't beer bonged since May 19th.

Improbable link to Danknuggzz.

This post took a turn towards the meta, didn't it? Here's a photo of Efron Davis and the aftermath of a tried maneuver on Saturday. There was also a little kid talking mad s to Davis; here's a taste of the conversation:

Little Kid: "If it hurts you, don't do it."
Davis: "What if I land it next try?"
Little Kid: "Not in a million years."

Sam then gave Davis the go ahead to mash the little kid out, and Davis kicked the crap out of an eight year old, and then landed his trick. One of those facts is true.


Moldy Mitch said...

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I wanna see Sam's pic.

Anonymous said...

if im correct, davis was at the spa lower four block, if that is true, DAYUM