July 30, 2009


Cool picture huh? In an exciting turn of events I got my first clip for the Glue Factory video today, a video which has been in production for more than a year and a half. You know.

On the internet: Plat Jr. is spreading libelous slander against me (watch the top fives video). I'm five foot six and a half inches tall, thank you very much. Photographic proof of my tallness superiority and possibly a beat down--in the works.

Badger came through with footage of the afore-opined Tum Yeto Demo at the Lair from '98. In light of that video...has Rada aged at all? Putting the "two" in the one-two-video punch, peep the Scraps 2004 video and take a time warp back to easier, or something, times.

My ex-girlfriend said this is the second best blog on the internet for this week. Cool.

Have you heard of the Anti-3rd Lair Group on Facebook yet (you'll need an account to see it)? Busted in plain sight. Teenagers are pretty dumb. I can't wait until Kirian and Tabari turn 20 so I can ban them (teenagers) from tha' Plat.

Evidently, after punks get spracked up to get beat down, there's an after-party at The Best Bar In America. Meyer's got the drink tickets!

Fifteen posts strong and one month ago, Public Passion turned one year old. Cute!

Luke continues chronicling my coverage history here. And by coverage history, I mean not even a blip on the coverage meter.



platinumseagulls said...

Does that mushroom cloud sort of look like the Girl logo? Or is it too much absinthe?

Anonymous said...

Next mike mo graphic? The "bomb" series. ha

THE HESH said...

we'll see how hyped these kids are to be "anti 3rd lair" in january.

Badger said...

Ya Munz, I noticed that Rada looks The same 11 years ago as he does today. Trip out!