July 14, 2009

A Midsummer's Night Something Or Other

As a continuation of our meta pseudo e-beef battle for control of the Minneapolis skateboarding internet waves, all I can say is, damn, good job Badger. Hardflip.com is a bustling place of internet content with a capital "C", and their current header is more than chuckle worthy. So I cede a bit of wave power, and would like to say "cheers" to Badger's latest semi-coup of content, the un-Earthing of footage of Plan B's 1998 3rd Lair demo. Badger, the dewy-eyed newcomer to the MPLS skateboarding websites block is killing it, and while this gristled vet is still standing on the corner saying something, I can only commend the Mustelidae.

The reason I bring this all up is because that Plan B demo was the best demo I've ever seen, some 11 years on(subsequent Girl/Chocolate demos have been almost equally awesome, but the general shock and awe vibe of the Plan B foire has yet to be beaten). While much of the bright lights and bangs and bombs can be credited to Rick McCrank's cherry bomb of an impression, Caine Gayle was no slouch in any way (and I pray he isn't packing boxes at Syndrome), Pat Duffy won with a backside noseblunt, and Jeremy Wray had me with a single frontside flip in the bowl (one of the revelations that afternoon was that, even compared to a 16 year-old version of me, Jeremy Wray in some bizarro realm way, was all but two inches taller than me).

The repercussions of this demo were felt one week later, if not with a little help from Ben Ragsdale. The consensus was that Plan B, uh, fucking killed it, and after Ragsdale did a switch heelflip frontside crooked grind on the box at The Lair, a good 25 or so people exited the build just as the combined forces of Tumyeto, at the time, showed up. The show was over, as they weren't topping the accumulated acts of the past week. As consolation, they put up a good fight, but it was no Plan B demo.

So yeah, that shit was cool.


Anonymous said...

Correction: I heard Maldonado squawking about that trick, we were in the same area and I did see Ben make that; it was truly a thing of beauty. PS-Munz, come get your Sprewell jersey you left at the cabin!


Badger said...

Have footage from that Tumyeto Demo too. that will go up next

Anonymous said...

I love reading the plat, I even have it bookmarked. But do you know how annoying it is when I click a link on your blog, then proceed a few pages further but decide i want to go back one page and it doesn't let me. No, it goes right back to the plat.

Its almost more annoying then Transworld montages where they dont write the name of the skaters until the credits.

Jonathan Richman said...

Yeah dude, I have been meaning to mention that you gotta get your links to open in a new window.

platinumseagulls said...

Yeah, I know it sucks, it has something to do with having our own URL but using blogger. I'm able to code links in posts differently and they'll open in a new window, so I'll do that, but other embedded links on the page (such as Locs) will continue to be annoying. I'm tryin', I swear!