June 4, 2009

Running On Empty Redux Part 2?

I've never been that good at keeping track of post titles and whatnot; thus the "Redux Part 2." I know that last summer a wanderlust hit me and I did with it what one should, and then, finally, I tired and returned home and all that. My vacation alluded to in previous posts was the first true roadtrip of the year; loose plans, broken plans, no promises made, and almost the sense, that there was something out there to capture.

Thus, listen to this quite old episode of This American Life. I'm not even saying listen to the whole episode, just do yourself a favor and listen to Ira Glass's three minute introduction; it's best listened to while embarking on a trip yourself (I was an hour in on mine while listening, crossing the Minnesota/Iowa border.).

Simply, I'm a fan of Kerouac's early vision of America as a great vastness of opportunity and excitement, and Glass encapsulates that while also providing the naivete of the whole notion. The romantic within shivers every time I listen to it, and there's an outstanding dare to you to try to do otherwise.

From one fan to another, Cheers. I actually never finished "The Subterraneans"; I had it in the door pocket of my '88 Mazda 626 that had no reverse, and it fell out in some anonymous parking lot. I hope someone found that and finished it.

Further required reading: Neal Cassidy and Dean Moriarity and Cody...Thanks Killer Boots! And on to rambling; Visions of Cody; minding to read it soon, and in another construction, a certain girl in Korea called and every time the name of that book comes to mind, she comes to mind. Hey. Maybe a "Book Club" post soon?!?

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