June 5, 2009

Jereme Rogers Is A Genius

In case you weren't aware, Jereme Rogers knows that sometimes you still just have to wile out, and, TMZ evidently agrees. Dude is living the Dada dream, seriously not giving a fuck, and after stripping down on shrooms and PREACHING, well, I'm officially a fan of this new persona of his. I'm not that into his skating, but, damn, that persona.

Happy weekend ya'll.


Jonathan Richman said...

Man, did anyone read the 'American Rapper in London' article a ways back in The Skateboard Mag? Chris Niratko killed it with that and Jereme Rogers is an ass clown. Funny as hell, but total ass clown.

Anonymous said...

I dont even know who he is But he sucks. Gives me something to laugh at!
Ass Clown..... Totally gives me visuals man ugggghhhhh!!!!!!