June 22, 2009

EVERYONE Can Hear You Scream In Cyberspace/El Verano

Unrelated Sam McGuire Mazatlan MX photos from some time ago shot on some Polaroid 4 frame Blaster camera; it was hot and we were tan and younger, the way summer feels.

In a place where the weather will dominate the conversation whenever it reaches an extreme, rightfully so when within reason the temperature can fluctuate 150 degrees Fahrenheit, when, on the second day of summer our June dreams are fully realized and the sun hangs at it's second highest position for the second longest time of the year, when simple activities become heroic deeds soaked in sweat and ambition; ah fuck it, let's go to the water park. And that I did.

Summer seems slow in skateboarding, at least for me. I find it harder and harder to really care about industry shit (I figure things out anymore on a need to know basis), or feel the need to sit and track down all the latest web videos for yous guys (you check The Berrics and have already seen that amazing Busenitz part), so, uh, I'm doing the completely self-serving thing and am just gonna post what's hot right now, yeah, to me, on this hot day, then break the fuck out.

-My jacked right ankle is beginning to resemble my healthy left ankle again. Maybe I'll want to skateboard.

-Oh yeah, night swimming, let's do that.

-Manny's Steakhouse.

-Water too.

-Remembering to find a Kegorator on Craig's List.

-Buying a keg of Black Label for the 'rator.

-Dispatches from the road from Sams.

-Possibly finding the inside track to OUTDOOR camping. I need a tarp and a sleeping bag.

-Realizing how many heads I know in NYC and now plotting $$$ and travels.

-New Wiskate Vids.

-Spaghetti ramen(?).

-Wearing pants with blown out crotches just rolling the dice on your balls popping out(?).

-Vinny's 21st.

-Aaron's 21st.

-The Glue Factory Promo

-Just, yeah...let's zone.

-Oh yeah, Jerboi Lem, and Chewy. Everybody said I had to watch them, so, psst, pass it on.


Sorrytryagain said...

I only counted 2 flip tricks in Chewy's part. By far the least confusing and fastest skating I have seen in a while. Thanks for posting that.

Extreme Ash said...

those pics and the waterpark rule.

thank god for summer.