April 2, 2009

Winona Riders?

I've got adult onset Winona Ryder obsessive compulsion as of late. Who wouldn't want that disorder though?

All I've got to say about this Dank Knuggzz post is PREACH!. Also, these fools need to watch their backs, Juvenile is coming...

Just to go along with the links above, and I can't remember if I'd posted this before, how to make a skull bong.

Plotting and planning BUBD 2, The Stone Arch Massacre, I got thinking about my long line of cruiser boards. The first one I had was commandeered as a filming board by Meyer, and then subsequently was left at a spot a week or so later. The second one I had ended up in McGuire's trunk, ended up at The Full Kit in IC, and then was peaced into obscurity. My third rig almost ended up as a coffee shop rig at Mikey Taylor's house, but thankfully, Sam never let it out of his trunk, and after almost a full year of cruising around in the back of his Taurus, it will be returning to my possession next week. Heartwarming.

Peeped some of those Bang Yo Self videos and noticed that dudes are really feeling manuals out of tricks. Not sure how much I'm feeling it.

This post has a lot of bong coverage; and now, Octobong.

Wiskate plug.


The Hesh said...

Was that Tim Huey that did the 180 no comply down a stair set? Waaay ill.

Anonymous said...

dude winona ryder has moles on her tits..............