April 16, 2009

Two T's or One?

That's Spencer Prati (or Pratti) from Iowa, a total friend of the Plat, and while I hadn't heard much about the dude for a while, while fully knowing that and having seen him fucking shred in person, it seems he's doing just fine skating OG SD spots quite properly. Nollie Flips! Credit goes to Sam for cluing me in on that first clip.

Speaking of Sam, it should be stated that he throws his blog around at Good Problem from time to time, and he just posted a story regarding the Flutter video below, well, right here.

I got hyped on the skating and then more and more on the song, Chris Cole proves that size doesn't matter.

Some south of the river dudes pretty much predicted the Malto/Davis connection in this video blog linked right hizzere. Whether Davis can beat out Mikey Taylor for the BFF of the second title will be telling, either way, Trevor, keep your cool if dude stays at your house.

Don't forget to check Plat Lite. I just posted a picture of my legs!

The dudes at The Hesh have been out skating and haven't been slacking on pointing the camera around either. And then Sherman got unquestionably D-Wayesque and shit.

And then, Happy Day After Tax Day. To celebrate, and to make sure that I use at least one Slate link, here they are explaining what happens if you don't pay your taxes.

Let's go skate.

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