April 8, 2009

Hotel 1066

The Chrome Ball Incident, per usual, brings the heat with a post regarding the criminally overlooked Joey Pepper. After Pepper's brief stint in Hotel 1066, he still remembers me as "Gilbert Godfrey," a nickname I'm loathe to understand.

I link the photo above because it was shot by none other than Ryan Damian; one-time skate photog, Boston enthusiast, part-time musician, full-time dude who is known as fuck. Ryan himself said of the photo, "Face was a little blown out but whatevs."

Now that I've got a phone that gets its interweb on, it was time to, well, do this: The Plat Lite; Moblog, Less Filler.

The Viking is showing up here this weekend. Can someone explain using "LOL" in graffiti? Blame it on Twitter (is Twitter now banned?)?

We should probably go to this; let's get froggy.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Back when motherfuckers new what film was. Preach.

Anonymous said...

When did the whole skateboarders dressing up and dancing start? I started skating to get away from those type of guys?

SPRNTRL said...

Once some older skaters started trackbiking the hipsters sort of "snuck in" to the scence. I'm all for getting them the hell out and taking skating back to being a dirtball who didn't give 2 shits about what was cracking in the outside world.

Anonymous said...

You should holler at Julien Stranger, John Cardiel, Gabe Morford, Jovantae Turner and Rob Welsh and tell'em that because of that foolish "trackbike scene" they started, skating now totally sucks and everybody's dancing.

99 reasons but a bike ain't one dog.

platinumseagulls said...

Preach. I don't understand complaining about someone throwing an event, but maybe apathy is the new appreciation.

evilonelive said...

Nothing wrong with a dance party!


Not Rad

Dirtball for life,

chops said...

no dancing?

when did skateboarding turn into that town from footloose?

platinumseagulls said...

Again, PREACH.