February 27, 2009

You Dis Sk8 Mafia You Dis Yourself And All That is American And Proper

Hating on Sk8 Mafia is just like trying to hate on Santa Claus, Lebron James, chips and salsa, hot Jewish girls, shower beers, Tokyo drifting, good friends, the internet, and going to Mexico: it just ain't going to work. A snowy night and no motivation led me to this mini Sk8 Mafia Vid, and damn, it's satisfying. Hammer out a good 20 minutes or so to watch it, and enjoy. Speaking of snowy nights, that video makes it that much harder to deal with these snowy nights. We're almost there.

A note on the video still chosen above. Daniel Jackson frontside 180'ed that same wall in the Road Warriors Blitzkrieg video, many moons ago. That spot is right by Dave Stanke and Mike Ohman's old crib. Welcome to the Plat guys.

They use Brotha Lynch Hung in the aforelinked video; the dude(s) abide.

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