February 4, 2009

Poll Answers Redux

No surprise that Boondoggle took top honors, but it is awesome to see Shitheads get the second most love. My bad on forgetting to get Open Iris or the Roll Series in there; way too many worthy videos have come outta here.

Notice that none of the poll options were affirmative for a forum? That was on purpose.

Put some new poll ideas in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Tricks you should never learn. Case in point, Willy grinds, Pressure Flips, Benihanas, Dark-slides, etc?

Anonymous said...

Best Skater to come out of Minnesota?

Anonymous said...

worst trends in skateboarding?

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that both Phill & Petes videos got first and last place.

Anonymous said...

Sorry people, the correct answer was midopoly.

Anonymous said...

naw, anonymous for sure.
best skater to come out of mn would be rad, but the list would have to be way too long. (clint or narloch)

Anonymous said...

best local skateshop poll?

Anonymous said...

Best yer Ma poll

Anonymous said...

Best MN Style would be aight!

Anonymous said...

i dont think clint peterson and dan narloch can be put on the same level but what do i know... i dont even skateboard anymore.

Anonymous said...

buds that got me the highest

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
How bouts a fill in the blank poll for dopest shit ever!? 2 word max. 2 words cause skaters got the best adjectives eva!(The ad agencies of the world approve this statement)

platinumseagulls said...

Mantis, good thinking, but I've got to admit, I've tried to learn all those tricks you listed, some successfully, some not; I'll never be able to do a pressure flip, never. Maybe most embarrassing trick you've got on lock?

Best skater out of Minne, only dudes that have been pro/gotten a decent amount of coverage?

What trends you thinking of?

As for best local shop, nah, I ain't going there.

Nah, your momma.

Best styles, who do we choose from?

I need a list of all the buds that have gotten you high.

Blogger doesn't have the technology for the fill in the blanks, but that's what the comments section is for, filling in the blanks.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Ragsdale has the best style, midopoly metrodome line. Case closed, sign sealed delivered, wrap it up... need I say more?

Bring out the bulldozer?


Anonymous said...

buds that got me high

white widow
white rhino
AK 47s
northern lights
alaskan thunderfuck
master kush

Anonymous said...

Seriously? and Cho Ass! are the top 2 results for the forum poll....
Interesting because those are the only two that don't necessarily mean "no."
The skateboarders of Minnesota want a platinum forum!
Besides, it's exactly what these comments are, but open for more discussions and managed more properly.

Anonymous said...

master kush already has my vote

Anonymous said...

how about:

"Negative polls"


most annoying
-parents at the park

worst trends/gimmicks:
-tracker "e" clips (w/ slip-axel)
-38mm wheels
-tight pants
-big shirts
-spray-on griptape
-that shit that made sparks when you scrape your tail

"Positive polls"

Best Greeting:
-high five
-pound (terrorist fist jab)

Best way to acknowledge a good trick:
-coping tap
-high five

...i admit that these may not be the best ideas, but I'm just putting them out there.

I always enjoy the "would you bang her?" polls

Unknown said...

Hey where was frontside boardslide on the tricks on lock poll? cuz I got that shit

Anonymous said...

Mike, you are a geek and came through with a grip of dope poll ideas! 'Best way to acknowledge a good trick' is my favorite

Anonymous said...


Mini ramp and beer