February 2, 2009

Dear Blogletariat,

No doubt, I've nerded out on the Battle at the Berrics as much as the next guy, though I never bothered to and never will bother to fill out one of those brackets, that might be taking this internet vs. reality thing too far; re The Subtle Bigotry of low Expectations for my feelings about the internet...though I still love thee World Wide Web, don't get it twisted; ambivalence is right. Anywho, BATB has been marvelously enlightening; how well some dudes can skate (Benny Fairfax, who knew?), how busted some dude's flatground can be (Bucky), and just how pretty skateboarding can be in the best of worlds (Chico versus MikeMo). With all that said, while Ellington continues to prove way better than expected, and the blueball inducing MJ versus Berra was a let-down (nah dude, I didn't have a raging boner when I hit play and did not end up with testicular pain afterwords, it's fun phrasing), the best thing about this week's installment of BATB was the DVS ad that preceded each video. Daewon! If it's possible for him to actually do that 360 flip fakie, then I can totally use two semi-colons in the same sentence, as I did above. Shit's tight. Final word on The Berrics, WWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAaaaaaaaaa...?!

Per weekly occurrence, Chrome Ball has some shit to get hyped on, and this time it's Mike Daher. Little did I know, but something incredibly amazing happened almost exactly a year before I started skating. Let's talk about waist high Japans out of taildrop sometime. Daher reminds me of Pat Cook, sans tattoes of course.

Fink has a nice and succinct write-up at The Hesh about what we have to look forward to now that January is over, and I think he's right. Maybe the worst is over...but then again this is Minne. No doubt, though, the Mind Field premiere Friday is going to help, with Familia moving you know they're throwing a party too, and while we eke out some skate-days in March, there's fun ahead, such as O.U.T.. Which brings up the question, should my old ass even enter this year? I'm on the fence, but I do know that I stumbled upon this video of me suspectly (in many ways) losing in the first round last year, and by golly, it's not helping build any excitement. Even if you skate way faster than the other dude in O.U.T., a moral victory doesn't mean shit when I sucked that bad

At first I was like, "Oh hell no, I don't want to watch video of Phelps just talking," but then I realized that it was all for the better. Hooray for Five Days of Hate at Thrasher.

Quit sinn'n.

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Anonymous said...

familia moving is the worst idea ever. happy travels on the road to the middle.