February 9, 2009


Should have clued ya'll in earlier; the above is from the consistently amazing riot rite right clit clip click...right? It's not always apropos for work, but there's plenty of awesome, gross, interesting, shocking, great stuff on there.

Like a punch in the gut. I tuned into the T-Wolves last night with 45 seconds left in a tie game against the Hornets. 30 seconds into my viewing, and Al Jefferson comes down off a blocked shot a little crooked, the knee buckles inwards, and he's out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. Couple that with the fact that I got served on Friday...welcome to Monday.

Asphalt Anthology, lifted from Crailtap a couple days late, but if you're into nerding out on Girl/Chocolate, well then, you're into it. No more is your homie's basement the place for skateboard nostalgia, what with his VCR, and boxes full of magazines. Welcome to the internet age! Proof, proof, evidence, and more proof.

Where you been Ellis, Sanji, Pizz, et al? If biumvirate didn't sound so weird and we'd formed one, I'd say the biumvirate is sort of hurting right now.

Slate links du jour: prehistoric cockroaches the size of house cats, and the search for the origin of the 25 Random Things About Me scourge/sensation on the F-book. Yeah, I've read some and the exhibitionism displayed at times is amazing/outrageous, though as I continue my descent (?) into online isolationism, I'll never fill one out. I'm starting to have the same feelings I had when it was time to delete the Myspace, but then again I babble incessantly on here, again. I just don't think the fact that I think gigantic cockroaches are cool is giving up to much information. Whatever.

Almost forgot how amazing Nate is:

Finally, it was emailed to my attention by Sissi that the below looks like me, if I skated in Nikes, and Kauffman Union was still around. I kind of see it... Kind of don't. Opinions?


Anonymous said...

Shit actually looks EXACTLY like Rob. fiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

Anonymous said...

What is the url for the site you grabbed that photo from? The link is broken and that photo is bananas!

platinumseagulls said...

I fixed it. Link works.

Anonymous said...

that girl smoking in the pool is attracting my moustache. Which brings me to this question- How do you spot a child molester? I mean, every parent should know these things. If I were a parent, I wouldn't want my moustache anywhere near my kids...