January 15, 2009

Poll Answers, Again

This one was interesting. Tigger really was just a random old Loc that came to mind, so he's not the answer, don't think I've seen him since the turn of the century. Ghetto Stash was awesome for always trying the hardest trick possible, never making it, but when you did see him make something it was golden; vote winner on name alone? I give sarcastic props to the fool that posted hateful comments towards Buckland three days in a row. The correct answer has to be Cardwell; I never saw him skate, have never met him, but by golly oh golly, it sounds like I missed out. Anybody that answered "Yup" or "Hells Yup" wasn't at the party; in general the correct answer was Huh? For the anonymous commenter that said, to quote,
Im with the last post, this is turning super gay, and another thing, wat up with Slate being a favored link on the plat survey?? Get over it, nobody cares about politics, if they did they would not be visiting the Plat
So two whole people may or may not disagree with you. I can't tell you what their intent was voting for Slate, but I know I probably spend more time on Slate.com than any of the other poll options, for the sake of the amount of content offered by Slate. The Hesh seemingly won via vote tampering, but I'm not calling this one for anyone, I just love all my links.


Anonymous said...

we are the best!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

boil the ocean for sec. of state!

Extreme Ash said...

wait a minute. wasn't ghetto stash (or whatever) the name of the dude who tried to kill sam and I at that party that one night at that one house? and he was all cracked out? or was that scum stash/stache?

and - why does "yup" or "hell yup" mean you weren't at the party? "huh" means you weren't at the party - or in the know. right? did I vote wrong? I dont know anything. I voted for the "frucking" one or whatever. damn.