January 22, 2009

Live-Blogging Shitheads Vol. 8

This idea struck me when I returned home from the bar late at night and watched some skate videos, one of them being Shitheads Vol. 8. Right then and there the idea for the post had hit me, but alas, I was way too gone to actually do it. Here I am now, bored, home from the bar, and it begins. Refer here to download the video if you don't have a copy handy...

-The intro "Warning" shot is so good. "Three frames of shitty tits that you don't want to see." I wrote that. Booya.

-At this point know that I'm not watching the video but typing, so there're gaps.

-Macho Man was a must.

-SoDak kid slammed, whoa.

-Nesser banger, and then the forever loved "Shitheads Johnny" came in.

-I skated the Supernatural demo at the Lair and did a frontside crooks on the box. That's all I remember.

-Was also at the 4 Seasons demo. Me and Vang drove out for that.

-I edited the SPRNTRL section. What's up with Trees' nollie bigspin front board the wrong way? Is he the only dude to do that trick?

-Injured pimp was so hot, Spettle walking off the short bus with a pint of something and an afro wig was too good.

Always hated the jump cut in Sissi's line; I edited this section too and that was painful.

-Spettle line!

-Tim Kulas!

-Little Hecky Do Good!

-I showed Neal's face while Blacksheep said, "Don't punch girls" because at some party he actually punched a chick.

-My only backside smith on film.

-Kickflip fakie on the steep bank was the first trick done on there since??? First try filming.

-Joe Blum filmed the NYC part, Indonesian Jack is actually Jack Curtain, Dolo was legendary for that tre flip, and Beji edited this section. Blum caught heat for using the football catch at the end of the segment.

-Keith had a snake board once. That bum was super hyped to be in the video, he got a copy.

-Ghettoplex, edited twice. The first one was better but was lost. I did it. Chris Carnahan is listed as the megaphone operator because I fucked up filming his switch front noseslide on the wooden ledge that used to be outside The Quest.

-A-Plus post knee surgery.

-SMOKE BREAK, pause.

-Ghettoplex was held in a parking lot of a building that was supposed to be a recycling plant but they didn't move in all summer. We stole copies at kinkos for flyers and the event, if you want to call it that happened a week after it's inception as an idea.

-Dan Jackson Sal Flip!

-We went to Old Chicago in Roseville afterwards.

-Heck was bummed on that slam.

-"Yeah fuck you, put my shades," courtesy of Apocalypse.

-Got some Milwaukee foote courtesy of Wiskate for the "Now You're a Man" section.

-Benji did this one; Dolo did his line right after going to church. Clint's flip 5-0 was sick!

-Park foote section was me, I did that tre flip fakie in a sleeveless Iota shit.

-Tucker Gerrick's only clip in a local vid!

-We did demos back then!

-Right when A-plus is skating the hip at the old Lair I'd done a hail mary type music edit and it worked! Neal in the dew flag is priceless.

-Old roller skate chick foote...Staying up late editing...

Oh, you sent us foote at the last minute? Let's put it in the video and set it to Lil' Kim. Where's Randy Korwin?

-Again, where's Randy Korwin? Dude rips!

-I like a whole lot of foreplay...

-Oh fux, the dork section. Rappin' Rodney. I had a boner from making out with Red Robin in the bathroom and she'd taken off her shirt. Cool?

-Neal's line with the tri-board lipslide at Next-plex was amazing...

-Street Life! I filmed Elijah's nollie front board at the U but he'd done it on the Highland 8 was better; he wanted my booty filming anyways.

-Me, pressure flip inward heels. Gross.

-Yung Nate!

-360 spinners from ZED sooooooo'z hot.

-Swtitch tre on the sculpture bank wins; good job Chad.

-The "Blaine Dirt" had no name until I gave him one.

-The Blaine concrete park is even worse than it looks. Trust me. For Dan to switch crook that rail is so fucking amazing that my grammar and brain have no bearing on this sentences. See, I lost it.

-The afterblack is using music from the movie "The Omen." Fucked up shit.

-The interlude features Ganster, the only cat I learned to love.

-Fuck this water line section.

-Smoke break!

-And back! Best interludes ever; first Lair contest ever.

-Holy fuck that kickflip of Nesser's was amazing.

-Dan did the ollie ollie to flat first, so he got it the video, Benson had to chill.

-Cheating, I paused the video; Damian has a sequence lying around of Dan switch crooksings that rail and Meyer needs it because he got in the frame eight years ago!

-Back. Hack rips.

-Elijah rips.

-Benson pretty much shut down under cover five with that shit.

-Neal's noselside is so gnar, go there do that shit.


-The credits! Boycott 2001!

The beautiful facts are that Shitheads Vol. 8 happened in less than a year after Anonymous. A lot of fools were skating and we weren't just drinking, right? It was one of the hottest summers ever, and they, I mean, Brayden Knell shot a Minneapolis article for TWS that summer...shit was hot...A lot of typos and shit are in there, but whatevz.


Dan Jackson said...

For the sake of being correct (and because Benson will get on MY case about this)--he did the ollie ollie to flat first. I got it in there cause I was trying it first. I think Benji gave me the underdog love, since (and I know many other locals have suffered the same fate) you'll always get skunked if you and Benson are trying the same trick. Oh, and first, Beeyotch!!! Sorry, it's been a lifelong dream to be able to type that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan! Shouldn't you be waiting in line for Moz tickets?

Anonymous said...

can vol. 8 ever be topped?

answer... no.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Z, you are correct. Best video ever, hands down. It's all about the fun, the homies, and yes, the Beast Ice. I still get hyped on "Don't Call it a Comeback." Thanks for this post Munzy. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Dan's switch crook down the BBC (blaine skatepark) handrail really is amazing. doent make any goddamn sense

Extreme Ash said...

does anyone else remember the kid who came into fobia and told me he lived with mike munzenrider? he also told me they (benji and mike) were working on a shitheads vol. 13. I swear to god. kid said he lived at 1072.

those were the good ol days.

platinumseagulls said...

You neglected the detail that we were, um, dating at the time. Makes the claim that that that much better.

It's a shame, just like that Blind video that was supposed to come out right after Video Days, the Shitheads HQ in Hopkins was broken into and all the footage for Shitheads Vol. 13 was stolen. What could have been!