December 9, 2008

That Old Dude

I judged Damn Am this past summer and one of the judges, DC Bob, kept referring to Nate as "that old dude." After a while I stopped correcting him even if Nate is still young, and will always be Junior to me one way or another.

Nate also possesses one of the top five switch flips ever, and the world should be waking up to this as he blasts one over that sketchy ass gap at Farmer's Market; peep page seven of Internet Slap for the context of it all, and note Worrest's backtail backside flip out at Square Triangle on page five. The Familia Blog clued me into all of this, thanks!

Did Wiskate just get weirder?

CJ foote from the Thrasher site at Tampa AM. They didn't know his name but you do.

1 comment:

Templeton said...

They call him Fat Bob where I'm from.