December 12, 2008

Locs...Juri Loginov

Name: Juri Sorso Loginov

Age: Sweet 16ish.

Nicknames: Juri KILLS, Juripalooza.

What's your deal: Being awesome.

Where are you doing it? MPLS/St. Paul , European Union.

How high can you ollie? Over your house.

Can I have your board? Can I have yours?!

Favorite local video: Any of the Benji's flicks and upcoming Familia vid.

What's in your car? Not much,keeping it clean.Oh wait ,case of red wine.

It's a hot day, skating or swimming? Both,but mainly swimming.

Who's your favorite local skater? Rada and Bovee.

Where's the best place to eat? Home made meal with friends and wine.

Mini-Ramp and beer or street? Mini-Ramp and Beer,less impact. But streets are always fun!!!

How old are you in skate years? Sweet 16ish.

It's 10P.M. on Saturday night, what are you doing? Keeping it legendary with my friends! You've probably heard of us.


filthy cute said...

i'm pretty sure that juri was referring to my place when you asked him about his favorite place to eat...

Anonymous said...

love juri.

typoscura said...


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