December 12, 2008

Is The Future Living Up To The Hype?

On the phone the other day Sam was telling me that he did a ton of epic shit that he never told me about because he was afraid that it would end up here. Finally something happened where I was front and center then chaboy Malto went and posted some pictures and here we are.

Sam called me last night at 2:00 AM.

I answered the phone typically haggard because I'd been sleeping a couple of hours, "Hello? What's Up?"

Sam deadpanned, "What are you doing?" He sounded like a robot or something.

"Um, trying to sleep."

"Oh cool," said robo-Sam, "I have no idea where I am."

Weird. Before I get much more out, Sam went ahead and said, "Oh wait, I think these people are picking me up." Off the phone, "Hey, were are guys going." Dead phone. I went back to sleep but it was weird.

Enter this and then this. Oh hells yeah. Phone call explained, he was just blacked out drunk in Cali after the Sole-tech X-mas party or something. Oh sweet. Sam, that story about you burning that girls costume on Halloween and all that stuff about that other stuff is still safe with me.

Otherwise...otherwise...Fink pointed out some random dude in the second Alex Olson episode rocking a Lair T. Right? Peep the screen shot below: Anybody know that dude?

What else? Oh yeah, I guess we were Sanger's site of the week some time ago: I don't know if I remember seeing that one ever.

Remember when EXPN did that thing about Plat? Am I too lazy to track down the link? I guess not, there's the story. I recently stumbled upon some bloggy reaction to it, it's pretty rad, read it right here. I'm going to run with that whole, "the fact that these are four of the most well known sites out there for skaters," thing. Sweet.

Anybody looking to buy Platinum? Just got this shit appraised. I was looking through my bookmarks to see if there was any lurking content that was unaccounted for, and yes, I had to post this Todd Brown video, even if I was trying to hold out and use it for his Locs. Maybe I still can. Originally the video was supposed to be for this super re-edit compilation video that Meyer was doing, another scrapped project I guess. Let Turkey make your weekend gangster-I'm out!


Anonymous said...

This is gospel and please don't get it twisted...Todd is legendary...PERIOD.

What up DUBBS?!?!

Anonymous said...

I was gonna use that for the loc's. I got nothing son.

platinumseagulls said...

We'll re-run it. I might have some shit in the archives too.

Anonymous said...

We'll do it like Tupac, keep digging stuff up after we're dead....they'll have to surgically remove our laurels from our asses.

Anonymous said...

Kato park representin, Turkdog! Nice to see that footage. Keep Bangin! Or maybe start bangin...or maybe stop...
Mr. Brown's got steez!