December 29, 2008

I Love Your Blog, Can I Touch It?

It's good to see that some dudes are out making the most of this bullshit. Rohrer rips and Max is that dude at the shop that I always see but never really got a name for, welcome to Plat Max. I gave Dom Randazzo a Platty for jumping off the roofs onto a table doing some ungodly thing in between the roof and the table but I called him Dom Randozzi so let's just call this a correction. Either way, good job dudes getting out and making something happen in the winter. I've been over it for sometime now.

Speaking of this whole winter bullshit and how much I'm over it, I just used a Placed with Kerry Getz for an upcoming issue of TSM as a full on diatribe against winter. Let me tell ya, I'm still in Arizona up in this mountain town where my dad lives and shit has been trife, weather wise. You don't think of AZ and 30 degrees and snow but brother I've been living it, and all in all I'd been checking the weather in Minne and it wasn't that much worse than it was here. At least until today; shit was 55 and sunny. Booya. Here's another installment of posts from the hotel room with no internet:

Or I thought I'd had it. My computer just froze like 20 ago and that has been lost to the world of 10101010000101010. Oh well, here is the gist of it.

I'd just listened to this On The Media story which discusses the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In the bath in my hotel. It was sick. The story details the problems with the manual and how the fact that as ever newer disorders are categorized in every volume, the drug companies have more designer drugs to manufacture and market to the people. I for one am against the rampant use of prescription drugs to take care of life's smaller ailments, but all in all some are necessary and for the greater good. I've also noticed that I'm quite the neurotic and that I've been told a little help would do me well. Ok. Then I thought about how all my friends and then skateboarders in general are all a bit nuts and that's ok with me. The story concludes on the idea that all these newly categorized and endorsed disorders only raise the bar on being normal, and while mental illness really does fuck shit up, we have to be aware that the biggest disorder of them all might be thinking that there is something normal out there. Or something. Believe it or not, I not only lost the first edition of the post which I'm trying to summarize, but I lost my first try at a summary. So here it is; hit up the link and listen to the story or read the transcript because my girl Brooke Gladstone is way more eloquent than I can be a third time through.

Moving on, recognize the skills in that cha'boy Light over at BTO aka Boil the Ocean has been doing a stellar job of re-capping the ten or so best video parts of the '08 complete with links to the parts, many of which I was unaware of, complete with fully proper nerdily and thickly written rationales. The blog is indeed hot. His listful and loving ranking made me think of:

My Top Three Interviews With Rad People In Weird Places

1. In Mandan, North Dakota in the parking lot of Mandan High with Nick Trappasso.

2. In the parking lot of Best Buy in Phoenix, Arizona, with Patrick O'Dell.

3.In Viking's apartment in Spanish Harlem with Brian Lotti.

;it should be noted that I wrote the Flick for Midwest Marauders while in transit between Bismarck and Fargo. Also note that directly after completion of said Flick we attempted to skate some fullpipes at a fullpipe factory and it was wet out so we tied plastic bags over our shoes. That didn't work and there was constantly three feet of standing putrid water keeping us from the pipes. After that we high-tailed it to Grand Forks and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Platinumseagulls, home to the floating semi-colon. I'm out! Holler to my friends, I'm home today!


Anonymous said...

What is that, Roseville?

Anonymous said...

good to hear some fargo references while im in this shithole of a place(at least during the winter cuz theres a sick ass concrete park here)