November 25, 2008

Time Warp?

I don't think November went anywhere but, like, out the fuck of here. Halloween was x amount of weeks ago and yet we still reel from that whole debacle. Or do we? I haven't counted the votes.

I haven't skated since I was at Cream City, and it'll probably show when I attempt to kickflip in the balmy climes of Arizona, where I'm going for the day in which we Give Thanks, not like we should give a shit for those other 364 days out of the year.

Boo, so pessimistic! Here's the thing, I've loaded up bloggerland with posts that will come in the future. Yes, seriously, the future. It's Tuesday night, and while I'd have loved to have seen an email from Sissi claiming that he'd set his homepage to The Chrome Ball Incident, maybe he hasn't just yet...or I'm losing my touch. Ta-ta!


Anonymous said...

you still got that midas touch munz

Anonymous said...

losing touch, new killers song booya, pretty rad tune