November 3, 2008

I Don't Want No Stinking Scenester Sports Blog

Deep breaths...

Sissi called me out the other day for this website becoming a scenester/sports blog, which may or may not be an oxymoron, though, it struck a chord with this reluctant "scenester"/Basketball fan, and thus, an all skateboarding post started out with...A tribute to quite the triumphant L.A. Lakers fan/skateboard legend. The two can co-exist.

At about the eleventh hour on Halloween, which constitutes about 6:00 PM (do the math), I came up with the idea to be Carroll @ Orcas for the holiday dress-up time. Ask Tucker, it happened, but since I was not headed to a strictly skatenerd party that night, idea was scrapped (and do I really need a gold lemay (sic?) jacket?). However, I was not the only one who's mind was crossed by this idea.

I know, because this whole all skateboarding shit is kind of difficult, I was looking at Mike Burnett's site last night, and so should you. Dude is almost completely responsible for Thrasher's reemergence; dude rips.

Ok, I lurked upon this blog, In Remembrance of Things Whatevs and got fairly stoked on A. the content, and B. the Proust allusion. I read all seven of those books, seriously. Honestly though, while it is assault on the senses as far as the sheer volume of text goes, put your waders on and start wading, you won't be disappointed.

I'm beginning to think that times might always be weird these days. It sounds a lot cooler though when Todd says it; Times Is Weird These Days Part 2. Todd always has my favorite characters on his blog. Peep the amazing newspaper clipping!

Places I need to go to soon (to skateboard, right?): Costa Mesa, NYC, Estonia. Right?


Scott said...

Scenester/Sports/Pretentious? Come on now, the audience of this blog does not want to hear about Proust?!

Make a Brothers Karamazov joke in the next post and then we can talk.

Anonymous said...

Dude--it's kind of true, your source code reeks of a sort of unfunctional, ugly style of the past. I mean, Framesets? and what the HECK are you using to code your links?

If anything it's not the content that's overtly Scenester, it's clearly the HTML mark up.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I hate you.

Anonymous said...

Re: Crookston News Clipping

Apparently the correct usage of "break" hadn't hit C-Town yet.


Anonymous said...

THRASHER'S reemergence,I didn't know it went anywhere?A true mag for true die hard skaters,will never die.That's why it's been around since before you were born,dipshit!

platinumseagulls said...

I'm pretty sure I came out the same year Thrasher did, if not a year or two before. As for their reemergence, it's no secret that Thrasher was blowing it, and these years are approximate, between um, '98-2002, because at that point or so, Transworld was no doubt the best mag. Weird isn't that? But yeah, use the space bar after question marks and periods, ok?