November 28, 2008

Fanning Out

Call me a cool fucking guy, but it's very few and far between that I fan out on dudes that I need to interview, or more precisely, work with. Early on I'd have phone anxiety, me being a fool in Minnesota having to interview dudes that do stuff with skateboarding, but after a while, yeah, it was work. I'd hit stride after interviewing Daewon (who was one of the easiest interviews ever, due to his ease with conversation), and I said "wow."

But it still was weird to think about legit dudes simply condescending to be a good study. Brain Lotti was one of those; I keep the nerd out envelope and letter as a little badge of legitimacy, and really, Lotti is one good dude. The interview came out in so and such TSM, but I've still got the letter from my little brush with fame, and legend.


Anonymous said...

dude is for sure a legend. i remember the day that i saw his part in now-n-later. mind blowing

Anonymous said...

I forgot how HUGE boards were back then. Just watching him skate was amazing. He made everything seem so easy.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part ever