September 18, 2008


All the gems that one finds while moving, and to think I was awfully close to throwing out all of my old magazine. Straight out of the November 1997 issue of Big Brother, a Minneapolis article, plus a really sick photo of Billy Pepper at the Kaufman Union, if it was a make.

It's amazing to think that everyone pictured, 11 years later, is still around with the exception of Caz, even if it was just five dudes in the article (Edit: Caz still skates for sure, and LeRouex still shows up and rolls around once a year. I was close.). Olu put in work!

Back on Kaufman, I know for a fact that Mr. Elijah Collard grinded that top coping thing on a cruiser board one night many moons ago; Viking may have done it too. Either way, Elijah pretty much holds the banger key on Kaufman, his nollie backside flip will never be beaten, for numerous reasons. That shit was amazing. For some hellafied reason Anonymous isn't on youtube. Someone should take care of that.

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