August 15, 2008

Strictly Business

Another thing to do this weekend. Gettin' artsy and shit. You know. I came up with that name too, but I would have been even more hyped if it had been called "Whippin' Shitties." You know?

I'm pretty hyped on this Wiskate post, for the simple fact that Gary can pose the hell out of some photos. Look at those facial expressions!

Did I mention that Hensley was at the Lair last weekend? He was.

Tyler Surrey is really good at skateboarding and right up my alley.

Iowa's most ballin' ass skate photog, Sam McGuire, is in The 'Peg right now. Sam, if you read this, head to Bar Italia and track down a chick named Danielle, that is if she didn't move to Montreal.

More on digital Slap with Mark Whitely. I can't help but note that his vagueness just shows that they're going through some serious oh shit times. I will say that their latest issue is, uh, as consistently lackluster as they have been.

Would I rather have no comments at all, or just mainly humorless pointless ones with a handful of useful ones. I'll go with the latter for now, I guess.


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