August 18, 2008


As Sissi said, the abridged version of Weekend Warriors, Blum, where you at? On the same note, Steeze, where you at? Also, Boondoggle Flyer, where you at?

That's enough of that. Had a pretty epic weekend, topped off by rooftop barbeque. There will be coverage soon enough. Come to think of it, I really did spend most of Sunday shirtless. Hella booya.

Skladoosh! Me and Zed are gonna make that sound effect huge in the Twincities, don't say "What?"

New T-wolves jerseys, which means a new season of me ranting about them all the time. Those aren't too bad, but not that good either. Who knows?

That's probably it man.


Scott said...

Seriously? I think those jerseys are really bad. What is with the weird nearly neon stripes (green)?!

PhilmerPhil said...

They unveiled the new jersey right outside of my work!