August 28, 2008

Sensitivity, and the Ambivalent Hipsters

You can't keep him down-our very own Sam McGuire is helping Malto get all sensitive and shit over at Crailtap. By the way, click the Sam link; he finally updated his shit with the uber-sensi black and white porta-party. Feel the feelings!

Onwards. Call a hipster a hipster and they deny it. Same goes for the scenester (an issue brought up by a brave anonymous commenter). But is the hipster really the dead end of Western Civilization? Is it time for some soul searching? Does it really even matter? How is this even relevant to Adbusters (it might be?)? Time for more soul searching brah. At least there was no mention of skateboarding in there, though...

Since I haven't put it in the links section for some incredibly lazy reason, as a friendly reminder, ya'll should be looking at Boil the Ocean frequently. Ok?

I've randomly been posting a lot of Sk8 Mafia related shit, so, why not? here's another video from them. It must be said, post-Predator ass lookin' Brandon Turner has been consistently rad.

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Scott said...

Well rather then give some insights into the vapid hollow meaning of what a "hipster is" the author of that article merely lays out some equally insipid information and mentions how he infiltrated the world of the hipster. It was a gloss job that took jabs at them but never really had any real insight to give. The article was fluff. If you want real hard hitting stuff read the new Radar where they have a "HIPSTER PROSTITUTE."